Put a bow on it…

The first of this month about 15 of us from RPC went to the Catalyst conference in Georgia.  Awesome doesn’t seem to be a big enough word to describe the experience I had there.  I am working on some blogs with highlights.

On the first evening during one of the worship sessions the person leading worship made a statement that at first I thought was cool.  But, as we kept singing, I couldn’t get it out of my head.  As the next speaker came up, I kept thinking about that statement.  I had to write it down.  Then I just stared at it.  Then it hit me.  There it is!  Here is the whole Christian package; what we believe, why we believe, everything, all in a nutshell.

“The Son of God became the Son of man, so that the sons of men could become the sons of God!”

There it is, wrap it up and put a bow on it!



Short Bus…

I often kid people at work that I rode the short bus to school.  When they are teasing about people saying “they are just short bus people”, I always say “hey, don’t knock the short bus, we had lots of fun on the short bus!”  It is really fun to see their expression, they aren’t sure if I’m kidding about it or not. 

Well, yesterday on my way home from my mom’s house, I actually saw a short bus in front of someone’s house.  For a split second, I had the urge to stop my car and hop on it and take pictures. Ha!  If I had not been by myself, I probably would have actually done it.  I would have had someone take my picture on the short bus!  Oh what fun that would have been.

Although the way people are these days about trespassing the outcome probably would have been one of two things: 1) I would have been shot or 2) I would have been arrested!  Hmm, would a photo op really have been worth that.

Well, I got a really big laugh out of seeing the short bus anyway!

On the lighter side…

I thought we could all use something on the lighter side of things.  Here are some parenting excuses I just ran across that I just had to share:

  • That kid?  Never saw him before.
  • That trait must have skipped a generation.
  • He loves cars – that’s why I let him sit out here in the parking lot while I visit the casino.
  • Ritalin? Chewable vitamins?  They’re easy to mix up!

Hang in there..

To my few devoted readers – ha!  Hang in there.  I have not forgotten you.  There has been a lot going on in my world over the past month.  I am working on some posts as soon as I can catch my breath and get my head back on straight.  Things have been a little more scrambled than usual.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my big guy.  Today my baby is 6 years old.  Seems like only yesterday he was a little baby.  Here’s to you Satchmo!


Left Behind

The other day I was in a drive thru and as I was stuck staring at the bumper in front of me I happened to notice this bumper sticker on the car:  Warning: in case of rapture this car will be unmanned.

At first I thought, cool sticker.  Then I thought what a really freaky event that is going to be.  I mean we have all heard the scriptures about two working in the field and one will be left behind, etc.  But, put it in modern day scenarios and think of the chaos that will happen.

Cars careening down the interstate with no-one at the wheel, as other cars driving by try and swerve to miss these unmanned vehicles.  Thousands breaking through airport security barriers because there are no screeners to check their bags for banned items.  Millions of dollars of home improvement items stolen from stores as no cashiers or security personnel are in the store.

I thought about the drive thru I was in, that would be a perfect example.  There’s some person in a car waiting to pick up their order; probably on their cell phone and not noticing the event happening around them.  After a few minutes, they notice that the pickup line hasn’t moved.  They begin to honk their horn, but nothing happens.  They finally notice that no-one is in the car in front of them.  Strange, they think to themselves.  So they get out and go up to the pickup window, only to discover that there is no employee at the pickup window either.  In fact there are only a couple of people in the restaurant.  Where did everyone go?  They were here just a few minutes ago.

It’s an eerie thought isn’t it?  To think that it could happen just that fast.  One minute someone you love is here and the next you’ve been left behind and they are gone.  They have been taken to live forever with their heavenly father and you are the one who has been left behind to suffer the consequences of your actions.  I don’t know about you, but I am glad that I know that when this wonderful day comes, I won’t be the one left looking around wondering where everyone went!

Here’s You Sign…

I’m sure you have heard the “Here’s Your Sign” jokes before.  Well this weekend I came face to face with a real live “Here’s Your Sign” moment.

I was in Lakeland at a popular Italian restaurant on my way to be seated, when I heard the following conversation between the hostess and a customer:

Hostess:  How many in your party?

Male Customer: Two

Hostess: It will be 5-10 minutes.

Male Customer: Man, it is really hot outside.

Hostess:  Yeah, it’s the sun.

 Seriously!  Did she really just say that?!  Did I just hear that come out of her mouth? 

All my life I have wondered why it gets so hot, and that day in Lakeland I found the answer.  It’s the SUN!  I am so glad I came to this restaurant!

Believe me it took all of my strength not to turn around and say “hey lady, here’s your sign”!  I mean, duh!